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Re: Xedemo template - serial number field wrappinghowto?


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Feladó: "Pongrácz István" <..hidden..>
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Dátum: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 21:17:25 +0200


I modified the template order and invoice templates to include serial numbers on the order/packing list/invoices.

The problem is that, if there are too much serial numbers, it will be not wrapped into more lines, but shift all the layout. Check the attachment.

Ok, I checked the invoice template and I found a solution: have to define and use a multiline block:

Using this right before the include letterhead.tex:

<?lsmb BLOCK multiline -?>
<?lsmb string ?>
<?lsmb- END -?>

And use this invocation:

& <?lsmb INCLUDE multiline string = serialnumber.${lc} ?>

Now the question is, how to extend this field to the next few fields, too? Like merge several cells.