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Working on OpenBSD package, Some questions

I've started working on an OpenBSD port.
I haven't passed anything upwards to the OpenBSD people yet.

Right now, I am running this partially like a CPAN package would go, but
not installing the perl into the standard perl directories.
The LedgerSMB namespace is OK, but stuff like rest.pl sitting out in the open doesn't work.
I have the manual pages built and installed, though.

Since everyone might install the web files into different directories, I
am putting everything into /usr/local/share/ledgersmb.

I then have a script to move the web files into a location that can be
chosen in /var/www and take care of all of the other file details.
I am leaving the docs and other files only in /usr/local/share/ledgersmb.
So far all of this seems to be working fine.

One of my questions right now is:

What files and directories actually need to be placed into the website
area? What can I leave out of that area? For better security, it seems
best not to add anything unnecessary to that area.
Should I keep LedgerSMB-manual.pdf web accessable?

Any opinions, suggestions?
I won't be passing this upwards in OpenBSD for a while. There has been a
major ABI change and everyone is very busy right now.

Chris Bennett