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Re: You MUST be kidding me!

Hi Ario;

Checking the checkbox on the right says not to pay a specific invoice.  You can then click update and the invoice will disappear.

Here is what to do:

SELECT *  from payment order by id desc limit 1;

Make sure this looks right before proceding.

If you want to check the line items:

SELECT amount, trans_id, transdate 
     from acc_trans
   WHERE entry_id IN (select entry_id from payment_links where payment_id = (select max(id) from payment));

If that shows what you expect then:
DELETE FROM acc_trans WHERE entry_id IN (select entry_id from payment_links where payment_id = (select max(id) from payment));

DELETE FROM payment_links where payment_id = (select max(id) from payment);
DELETE FROM payment where id = (select max(id) from payment);

Naturally do this in a transaction and make sure the results seem sound before committing.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

PS, you may find cash/vouchers/payments more to your liking than the single payment interface.  Just make sure to approve the payment batches.

On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 6:41 AM, ario <..hidden..> wrote:
Boys! What are you doing to me!

I wanted to process a payment.
So I go to 'Cash|Payment', give a 'Vendor Name' and click Continue.
Ok, there comes the list with 600 [sic!] (see what's coming??) payments
I select ONE payment, open the drop down, select the check box following
the 'Source' field and click 'Update'.
Ok, nothing happens (after all this is 1.3.29), so I click on 'Post'!
BAM! 600 transactions paid! Disappeared!
No! Not paid! Just disappeared, lsmb THINKS I paid them.

You can't be serious with this.
In the previous lsmb I used checking a checkbox meant paying THIS ONE,
not all!

Oh man...


So, now what?

Is there any way to roll this back?
Or do I have to re-install lsmb, import the latest backup and re-enter
all transactions after the last pre-backup session?

Thanks for this exciting experience :)

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