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Bug: 1.3.29 trying to cancel a cash transfer behaves 'funny'

If I try to cancel a cash transfer, by
1. going to General Journal | Reports,
2. searching for and bringing up the transaction,
3. negating the existing amounts,
4. clicking 'Post as New',
One gets the new transaction, with new reference, but where the Credit
field was negated, both the negated Credit field is shown AND the Debit
field with the negated amount, but then in a positive sense.
Same but reversed goes for the negated Debit field.

I know this description sounds a bit confusing, but just try it out.
Post a credit $1 in one account, and a debit $1 in the same account, but
on a new line. 
Then follow the procedure outlined above to see what happens.

When looking up the transaction in 'General Journal' | 'Reports', the
result is correct though.