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Re: Time to remove support for Pg 8.3?

I was wondering what folks thought about removing support for Pg 8.3 at this point, since there are no further releases expected from the PostgreSQL team.

If we remove Pg 8.3 support, we should be able to remove all contrib dependencies (which are all removed if you have 8.4 or higher and you rebuild your db anyway).

What do you mean by removing 8.3 support? Mid 1.3? Or before we release 1.4?

Actually those aren't the only two options.

We could also just remove the bits about installing contrib scripts and upgrades will work as is, but new dbs will not.  The key thing is that would remove historical bug factories, but those bug factories don't seem active so may not be worth much.

Ah. If you put it that way, well, I'm not against it: historically new users have been confused by the number of errors in the installation logs because of either the 8.3 or the 8.4(+) lines failing to execute: the result is that it looks like the installation fails while the errors are completely expected.
As it is, let's keep on track for requiring 8.4 in 1.4, and leave things as they are.

 Fine by me, but if we restrict the limitation to new databases, I'm not at all against dropping that kind of support.