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Re: Proposal for LedgerSMB 1.4, Menu Reorganization

> Hi;
> I was looking at doing some menu reorganization for a customer and was
> thinking this might actually be a better approach generally so I figured I
> would float the proposal here:
> Rename AR to Sales and AP to Purchases.

I'm not keen.  Someone wanting to do an expense reimbursement is not
going to think to look under "sales", for instance.

Accounting personnel know exactly what A/P and A/R are.  Sales is a subset of
A/R (but only if it's not a cash sale), and purchases is a subset of
what A/P are (again, only if it's not a cash purchase).

> Remove top-level Order Entry and
> Quotations Nodes.  Quotation to Invoice goes at the top, transactions and
> batches goes at the bottom.  Re-organize as follows:
> Sales
> +--Search Quotations
> +--Add Quotation
> +--Search Sales Orders
> +-- Add Sales Order
> +-- Shipping
> +-- Search Sales
> +-- Sales Invoice
> +-- Sales Invoice Batch
> +-- AR Transaction
> +-- AR Transaction Batch
> +-- Import Batch
> +-- Reports
> .....+--Outstanding
> .....+--Aging
> .....+--Purchase History

I'm not familiar enough with lsmb to comment at the moment.

However, regarding the "xxx search" and "xxx add" menu pattern:

I'd like to see a single menu item for xxx, which brings up a list of xxx,
and shows controls for filtering the list (the "search" functionality),
and has a button for adding new xxx items.

It will simplify the menu and be easier for accounting people to understand.