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Proposal for LedgerSMB 1.4, Menu Reorganization


I was looking at doing some menu reorganization for a customer and was thinking this might actually be a better approach generally so I figured I would float the proposal here:

Rename AR to Sales and AP to Purchases.  Remove top-level Order Entry and Quotations Nodes.  Quotation to Invoice goes at the top, transactions and batches goes at the bottom.  Re-organize as follows:

+--Search Quotations
+--Add Quotation
+--Search Sales Orders
+-- Add Sales Order
+-- Shipping
+-- Search Sales
+-- Sales Invoice
+-- Sales Invoice Batch
+-- AR Transaction 
+-- AR Transaction Batch
+-- Import Batch
+-- Reports
.....+--Purchase History

Purchases would be more or less a mirror image of this.

Does this sound good?  Bad? 

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers