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Re: templates showing up in psql logs

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Richardson <..hidden..> writes:
    Michael> I am exercising some functional testing I wrote that create new company
    Michael> databases using setup.pl (and curl).  

    Michael> It is failing with head of SVN (of a week ago about). 

After update to: r5441 I thought at first I was not seeing <?lsmb ...?>
but I was wrong.  

It seems that I have to clean out all of these roles somehow in order
for create to work repeatedly.

As far as I know, the sql/modules/*.sql are loaded from
LedgerSMB/Database.pm by load_modules and exec_script, by passing things
directly to psql.  I don't see any place where they could be passed
through the lsmb template engine...

Perhaps my devel tree is otherwise broken... mostly I'm attempting to
automate creating devel tree + database + working database, to help
others that want to hack on this to get started faster.

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