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templates showing up in psql logs

I am exercising some functional testing I wrote that create new company
databases using setup.pl (and curl).  

It is failing with head of SVN (of a week ago about). 
In the postgresql logs I am seeing:

STATEMENT:  insert into batch_class (id,class) values (7,'receipt_reversal');
WARNING:  sequence "new_shipto_id_seq" only supports USAGE, SELECT, and UPDATE privileges
ERROR:  role "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__part_edit" does not exist
STATEMENT:  GRANT "lsmb_newco__file_read" TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__part_edit";
ERROR:  role "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__part_edit" does not exist
STATEMENT:  GRANT ALL ON partscustomer_entry_id_seq 
        TO "lsmb_newco__contact_edit", "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__part_edit";
ERROR:  Cannot grant permissions to a non-existant user.

Notice it has <?lsmb dbname ?>, which I don't think belongs in the SQL!!!
There are some other errors that I see, but they most be non-fatal.

Also, is there a sane way to drop all of these created roles, or do they
go away when I drop the database involved?

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