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Re: Why no LedgerSMB name space

Drew Crampsie wrote:

    It would also help with regards to my other recent question (cf.
    "Data base sanity checks")

With regards to this, my 'sanity checks' for all my databases are in the
schema as CONSTRAINT's, or as RULE's or TRIGGER's .... that is an
important part of database design, to make sure it is 'sane'. That said,
I am not sure exactly what you want in this case. Just thought I would
say my piece.

After I run the prepare-company script from 1.3.24, I have an lsmb13
data base with 124 tables. How do I know that all the tables have been
created ... without a detailed reading of the output of the script and
trying evaluate the each ERROR output line and judge whether it is

Before I fixed a couple mistakes in trunk/Pg-database.sql, I ended up
with an lsmb14 data base with 2 tables. I recognize that only two tables
is almost certainly indicative of a problem. After fixing the script
errors and re-running, there are 157 tables. How do I know that is correct?

Someone must know what the properly-set-up data base should look like. I
was thinking if I new the intended count of tables and functions, then I
could quickly review or automate a test to see the matching actual
numbers with expected. Then I might be confident that prepare-company
ran fully completely to completion.