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Re: Why no LedgerSMB name space

>>>>> "Berend" == Berend Tober <..hidden..> writes:
    Berend> I am wondering why all the LedgerSMB tables are not created in an 
    Berend> application-specific namespace, rather than the PUBLIC schema?

    Berend> I generally imagine that an organization probably has more 
    Berend> proprietary data stored in separate data bases accessed by 
    Berend> different applications besides lsmb, but I also imagine that 
    Berend> there could be great value in having the data from those separate 
    Berend> application domains consolidated in a single data base but 
    Berend> segregated by name spaces corresponding to each application domain.

Generally, you do this at the database level, not at the schema name
level.  Further, the trend is to interface applications via RESTful
APIs, not via direct table sharing.

    Berend> So for instance some application that did a really good job in 
    Berend> project management or some other complimentary-to-lsmb 
    Berend> application domain could be integrated (a little more) easily 
    Berend> with the financial system (than if separate data bases where used).

maybe.  care to give an example?

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