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Re: Any objection to releasing 1.3.24 tomorrow?

On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 12:22 PM, Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi Chris,

Since we use a somewhat gettext() compatible format: maybe we should update the .pot file to include the changed string? I tried checking out the dutch translation just now and - apart from the fact that I *hate* translated software - noticed that the string change didn't appear when I merged in the LedgerSMB.pot file.

That's odd.  I just manually checked and nl.po, nl_BE.po and LedgerSMB.pot have the correct string.  Is it possible it is somewhere else? Or can you spot check your local copy?

Another thing I noticed which I didn't like: my .po translator (poEdit) couldn't find the source files with the translated strings due to the fact that our location references in LedgerSMB.pot don't contain paths. I wanted to fix the paths missing / pointing incorrectly in LedgerSMB.pot, but couldn't find docs on how to update it. Could you commit additional information to README.translations or some other appropriate document?

Let's figure this out for 1.4 and maybe backport the fix. 

I am not quite sure the best way to do this off the top of my head and may need to do some reading first.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers