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Proposed Test Framework change possibly in and post-1.4

Hi all;

I have been rethinking a bit the decision to move to pgTAP for db-level tests and would like feedback on this.  Right now we have our own test harness and a Perl wrapper that maps this back to the Perl TAP framework.  It works well but total test coverage is a bit problematic.  pgTAP would give us a coverage of things like exception handling and some additional schema tests done in an easier way.  At the same time it creates an additional build and test dependency, and this reduces the ability to use the db tests on production systems as a matter of ensuring health of the systems.

So my proposal is to do this:

1)  Keep the current test system and continue to expand it.
2)  Add additional pgTAP test scripts that are run separately that test the things we can't test as easily in our current scripts.  These would not have a support role.
3)  I would like to consider adding data quality tests as well, perhaps based on the upgrade checks to start with.

What do people think?  Are there any specific areas of data quality folks would like us to focus on?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers