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Re: Call for testers: LedgerSMB running as a persistent service using Plack

Chris Travers <chris.travers@...> writes:
> For everyone interested, if you are running current svn branches/1.3 and the
> patches in addons/1.3/plack-starlet/trunk/patches then it seems to work fine
> (ledgersmb.psgi in addons/1.3/plack- starlet/trunk/tools
> The server should be started up from inside the ledgersmb directory and you
> may want to edit the path bit at the top.
> Note that at present --max-reqs-per-worker must be set to 1 due to scoping
> issues in old code.
> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers


Thanks very much for fielding this. I've been looking forward to plack support
as a means to run behind nginx, as I rarely use apache these days. That the
plack solution can be significantly faster makes this an even bigger win. Thanks