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Call for testers: LedgerSMB running as a persistent service using Plack


I have had a few customers asking for significant speedups and after some profiling have determined that a lot of the cost is with loading modules many of which have costly dependencies.  In a CGI environment these are reducing performance.  The good news is that this is a constant cost so as your database grows it will not get worse.  The bad news is that as long as we are in a CGI environment, the performance will not get better.

Right now I am completing a port of LedgerSMB trunk (to be 1.4) to Starlet/Plack.  I expect to have this finished up today.  I am having a few issues I need to get fixed.  After that I will backport to 1.3 and make it available as an add-on.  Aside from the problems, I have seen a very large performance increase with LedgerSMB running in this environment.  After this is stable, I will tackle Starman (which strangely is giving me different errors) and maybe an FCGI wrapper.

How interested are people in this?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers