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Site content improvements: FAQ items, Statement of direction, Architecture documentation

Hi all,

Next step site improvements:

 * Today I went through some FAQ items. Many can have more descriptive titles and have the english cleaned up. The content of many items looks a bit out of context, ie could use a good introduction of the problem the item is actually providing an answer for.

 * The statement of direction could probably be rewritten a bit, starting with a vision instead of our history (i.e. the fact that we're a fork from SQL-Ledger), then enumerating the different areas treated later in the page.

* I'm thinking we should probably create a Book to describe everything that comes with our architecture, coding guidelines, etc, etc. The book structure allows for a nice hierarchical structure of documentation, grouping related subjects into chapters. This book would contain the target architecture:
 - design layers (including graphics)
 - role description of the layers
 - description of the source tree (as a mapping from the design/role structure)
 - etc

The history of each item is logged and can be reverted back to. So nobody should feel the need to hold back on editing FAQ items or proposing a new structure for the statement of direction (or other parts of the site).