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LedgerSMB.org site moved, and request for contributions


Despite numerous invitations to comment, Josh hasn't commented.  Given the difficulties we have had maintaining the site, I have requested that the DNS be moved to the new one.  Bob has oblidged and the new site is now coming up in my browser.  YMMV due to caching of DNS records.  I am also working to bring Chris Bennett's forums under the ledgersmb.org domain but that may take a small amount of time.  I will keep folks posted.

Anyone who wants to help maintain the site should probably create an account and and let us know if you run into issues.

The inclusion of Chris Bennett's forums is a reminder that if folks want to contribute things like wikis, etc. we are happy to eventually incorporate them under the ledgersmb.org domain.  If folks see other opportunities to contribute infrastructure, you are always free to approach us and we can make arrangements to meet our needs regarding administration and stability while ensuring you can help contribute in a visible way.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers