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Moving the LedgerSMB.org website


In late 2010 John Locke offered to host our website. He's a user of LedgerSMB and has contributed numerous bugreports and fixes. His main business is developing, hosting and maintaining Drupal websites. Our feeling is that with a better website we can do a lot better as a community: both by offering our information in a much more accessible format (see the FAQ page below) as well as in a format which fits the expectations of the contemporary web user.

Over the past months I've tried to contact Joshua Drake from Command Prompt to upgrade the existing hosting and help to install the required modules to get a decent site up. Unfortunately, there has been little response so far. I recognize the value of the hosting provided by Command Prompt until now and would like to thank them for their contributions. It seems it's not their priority to improve LedgerSMB's webpresence at this time though. Of course one can't expect any volunteers to do more than they offer themselves, so that's fine.

It is however the reason why I've contacted John this weekend to take him up on the offer. We spent quite a bit of time to find a good theme and John succeeded at copying over most of the FAQ items. The result is this site http://ledgersmb.freelock.com/ which is admittedly still rough around the edges but a big improvement over the current site. Sure, there's a lot of room for improvement, but it's a start and we can work on it.

John and I would like to continu down this road and switch the DNS from the old site to the one presented above. What do others think? Do you agree it's a good idea?

Thanks for your comments.