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Re: Moving the LedgerSMB.org website

I agree with and support all of Nigel's comments and I too would be
happy to help with the content cleaning.

When your current hosting provider becomes unresponsive that's usually a
good indicator that it's time to move elsewhere (even for volunteer
hosting). Well done for taking the initiative on this.


On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 09:08:25AM +0100, Nigel Titley wrote:
> The new site looks good although, as you say, it is still a bit
> rough around the edges. I would say that we go with it.
> Could I suggest that the first thing that needs doing is a good
> spring clean: there are numerous spelling mistakes and chunks of
> very old content that needs excising or at least being brought up to
> date. Nothing gives the impression of a moribund project more than
> things like
> "*Update July 14, 2009:* Feature freeze for 1.3 is (finally) just
> around the corner! Expect an announcement soon!" at the top of the
> "About" page.
> I'm happy to help with this
> Nigel

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