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Proposed menu changes for 1.4


I have a few proposed menu changes for 1.4.  Some of these come in
part from discussing with Erik and others their thoughts, but this
synthesis is my own.  As much as I stand on the shoulders of others
here I don't speak for them.

I:  Customer/Vendor changes

AR->Customers and AP->vendors

- Search
- Add
- History (no need to have a Reports submenu with just one option--
that could come back if we have more reports)

II:  Chart of Accounts position

1:  Remove System/Chart of Accounts and all submenus (except add
account which gets moved as below)
2:  Move Reports/Chart of Accounts under General Journal
     * The columns displayed would depend on permissions.
          * A normal user with no additional permissions could see
Account Number and Description.
          * If has permission to view GL transactions, add credits and
debits, and give the option to click through account number to get to
the GL search screen with account field pre-populated.
          * If user has admin access, additional columns would be
visible:  link, edit, delete, and obsolete.
     * Move add account to General Journal just underneath Chart of Accounts

III:  Parts:

1:  Move searches out of Reports menu and to top level since this is
the most common task
2:  Put add part/service/labor/assembly in a New submenu

IV:  Others:

1:  All searches are at the same level as what they search
2:  For transactions, invoices, orders, and quotations, new comes
above search.  For everything else search comes above new.

What do people think?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers