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Re: API documentation, was Re: Web services revisited

> 2. After I raised the order again, but didn't change the shipping address
> the order is saved correctly. I now generate an invoice from the sales
> order. The invoice is generated correctly and appears in AR - reports -
> transactions. I then go to cash - receipts, select the customer and get the
> invoice. I select the invoice (with the check box to the right of the
> invoice) and click "update". The invoice disappears and the "To pay" is set
> to zero. I then click "Post" and I'm returned to the cash-receipts screen.
> So far so good. However when I go to the AR - reports - transactions report,
> the invoice is not marked as paid. What am I doing wrong?

I see the confusion.

The final two columns on the screen are what are important.  The last
one, marked 'X' is actually 'X' as in cross out or delete this invoice
from the payment list.  It is there to allow you to filter which
payments you don't want to pay during your workflow.

To the left of that column is one marked "To Pay."  It's the checkbox
there that is important. Click that one to pay those respective

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers