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Re: API documentation, was Re: Web services revisited

On 23/05/2012 06:29, Nigel Titley wrote:
OK, I think the time has come to do a from-scratch install on a new virtual machine and see how it goes. I can then check out the documentation at the same time.
Well, I've now done this. A brand new install on a brand new Ubuntu virtual machine, postgres 8.4 largely goes perfectly.

And I'm very impressed with how the rough edges seem to have been largely smoothed off 1.3. I have a bug report and a question:

1. I created a customer and a couple of parts. The customer was set up with a shipping address and a billing address. I then created an order and changed the ship-to address to the shipping address. I then tried to save the order. At this point I get the error


INSERT INTO new_shipto
(trans_id, oe_id,location_id)
VALUES ( ?, ?, ?)

ERROR: permission denied for sequence new_shipto_id_seq

2. After I raised the order again, but didn't change the shipping address the order is saved correctly. I now generate an invoice from the sales order. The invoice is generated correctly and appears in AR - reports - transactions. I then go to cash - receipts, select the customer and get the invoice. I select the invoice (with the check box to the right of the invoice) and click "update". The invoice disappears and the "To pay" is set to zero. I then click "Post" and I'm returned to the cash-receipts screen. So far so good. However when I go to the AR - reports - transactions report, the invoice is not marked as paid. What am I doing wrong?