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1.4 progress

Hi all;

I will be putting together the first test builds of 1.4 over the
weekend.  Here is a list of what works, what doesn't, and what I
intend to do about the things that don't.....

What works:
1)  Business reporting units can be managed, and they appear in
2)  Transaction/order entry works

What doesn't:
1)  Reports that depend on departments and/or projects.  These are
being reworked.....
2)  Natural persons as customers and vendors.   I am reworking the
code here.  More to come.
3)  Payroll
4)  No web services interface yet
5)  Budgetting was broken by the business reporting units rewrite and
will need to be fixed.

I have some paying customers who need some work done first, but once
this is done (probably next week) I will continue working on these
issues.  The first priority will be the customer/vendor rewrite,
followed by payroll and web services, followed by reports in order of
priority.  Those involved in searching for transactions will be done
first, with financial statements done last.

Along the way I will fix budgetting.  This won't take too long.  I may
even get to it before the test builds.

I expect to spend most of tomorrow working on 1.3 issues.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers