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Re: Status of 1.4


On 2012-02-15 16:24, Chris Travers wrote:
Hi Philip;

Important work on 1.4 for better RPM installs have already been done
but more needs to be done.

We have already removed dependencies to PostgreSQL contrib/extensions.
I am pushing for a policy that contrib/extensions should only be used
on LedgerSMB extensions and not by the core software.  This will
allow us to have two RPMs, one of which will list postgresql-server as
a dependency and the other will only list the client libraries.

Note that the above only works for PostgreSQL 8.4 or higher.  We
cannot backport this to 1.3 because if we do we have to drop support
for PostgreSQL 8.3.  I dont see this happening.

The above change has also resulted in significant performance gains in
affected areas.

Is there something I can test?

There are, however, a few other areas to address.  It isnt clear
whether these can be backported to the standard branch but they will
be done as well.

The first is that Config::Std really doesnt seem to be as well
supported on various packages as I would like.  We need to figure out
how best to approach this.  One option would be, since this is a pure
Perl module, to just include it in the RPM in the local install.
 Another option would be to change the config parsing to a different
module.  This would probably not be a big job.

perl-Config-Std seems like something to be eliminated from my point of view . .

The final thing that needs to be done is that we need a tool that can
try to validate installation configuration and correct if possible
without going through the whole build process.

Yes, I realise that my desire for a fully RPM-based install may not be possible and that some post RPM processing may be necessary. I am not sure what the best solution to that issue is - I haven't come across something similar with other packages.

 Either that or we
need to make a decision that we will require the build-requires
modules as well as the modules required for use.  The build-requires
include Test, Test::More, and Test::Exception.  Either of these
approaches could be done in the stable branch.

Any feedback on these approaches, or other things you think need to be
done are worth noting, however.

Really, I just need to get something going - as a means of trying to debug the latest RPM install problem (setup.pl not finding stuff in /usr/share/pgsql/contrib) I went back to a manual tar.gz install (on a clean virtual machine) but had other problems with that and eventually gave up. A working LSMB RPM is ideal for me but I have to get some actual accounting work done soon.


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