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Announcing 1.3.11-rc1

Hi all;

1.3.11 RC1 is out.  This beta version includes a significant number of bug fixes and we hope to get the general release out in two days or so if no problems are found.

The complete changelog is below.

For those interested in validating, the key areas are fixes in multicurrency handling for payments and payment reversals, particularly relating to the batch payment system.  This also fixes the customer/vendor dropdown boxes where used (they are disabled by default), a few permissions issues, and the like.  The complete changelog is below.

it can be downloaded at http://sourceforge.net/projects/ledger-smb/files/Beta%20Releases/1.3.11-rc1/

I have stopped producing RPM's for RC's and will be producing RPM's solely for general releases from now on.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Changelog for 1.3.11
* Fixed outstanding report for payment reversal and partial payments (Chris T)
* Fixed handling of non-existing roles in menu grants (Chris T)
* Added reverse_bank_recs setting for those that want to
  do recs from bank perspective (Chris T)
* Added "bank register mode" for account transaction lists (Chris T)
* Fixed join projection issue in draft search routine (Chris T)
* Fixed prepare-database.sh for Pg 9.1 (Erik H)
* Fixed Customer/vendor selection for dropdowns (Chris T)
* Fixed some HASH() entries in CSV templates (Chris T)
* Removed unnecessary shebang lines in scripts/* files (Robert C)
* Fixed GL recurring transaction not posting (Chris T)
* Improved error handling when extensions/contrib scripts not found (Chris T)
* Fixed multicurrency handling in bulk payment interface (Chris T and Erik H)
* Corrected a number of number parsing/i18n issues (Herman V)
* Corrected pos_cashier inadequate permissions (Chris T)
* Corrected templates directive not handled properly (Chris T)