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Re: Possible Add-on?

I have uploaded a copy of my working databases and software at:

These have a current copy of my databases.
Feel free to add, update to these. My working copies are elsewhere.

pg_wmod.pl deals with vendor products, customers, jobsites, vendor information and building up complete assemblies.
I'm fairly happy with this one, but would like any advice on useful changes and additions.

glpc-B.pl deals with labor and labor categories and projects.
I'm not happy with this one and definitely want any and all advice here.
I tie the two together to get final complete prices for finished work.
Obviously, I add any new estimate permanently as I do it.
I really like being able to pull up a price list that automatically updates material prices as they change.
When I have spare time, I add in estimates that I expect to need in the future.
I don't have many finished, since I have spent most of my time working on the software and improving it.

treez.pl is an interface I am working on to approximately duplicate similar items without having to start from the
bottom upwards.
Since a 10' x 20' building is almost exactly the same as a 10' x 30' building, this will make it very easy to add the variations.
But that's not done yet.
I also have within that interface an option to pull up a complete list of materials I need to buy for each full project on one page(s).
That works perfectly. Still fiddling with the CSS. Works with some browsers, fails with others.

There is a copy of code at
and the databases at
These are utf8.

I put up some web pages using gvim to make XHTML copies of code.

I would especially like any help in improving my stored procedures.

It might be useful to adapt this structure/interface to a service business.
Say constructing a house or building contracted out to many subs.
Framing, cornice, drywall, electrical, plumbing, slab and driveway, painting, landscaping, cleaning.
Many of these charges are going to be the same for many different but similar projects.


Chris Bennett
(Give me a couple of minutes. Moving it around right now.)