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Re: cr_report_line.voucher_id

Hi Michael,

On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 3:41 PM, Michael Richardson <..hidden..> wrote:
> In sql/modules/Reconciliation.sql (on trunk, but not 1.3), I see:
>  SELECT n.name AS payee, rr.id, rr.report_id, rr.scn, rr.their_balance, rr.our_balance, rr.errorcode, rr."user", rr.clear_time, rr.insert_time, rr.trans_type, rr.post_date, rr.ledger_id, rr.voucher_id, rr.overlook, rr.cleared
>   FROM cr_report_line rr
> rr.voucher_id gives an error.  Looking in sql/Pg-database.sql, this field is not there.
> The 1.3 branch is okay.
> Is voucher_id something that is simply missing from trunk, or is it
> going away in trunk, or...?

Trunk is up for some heavy refactoring as soon as the number of 1.3
issues to be fixed comes down.

> My impression is that all activity is happening on the 1.3 branch, as I
> now see postgresql 9.1 code there too.

Yea, 1.3 is production level code. That's where it's all happening. If
you want to run bleeding edge, I'd advise to run the tip of 1.3 -- not

If there are any problems with 1.3 and 9.1, please let us know!