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In sql/modules/Reconciliation.sql (on trunk, but not 1.3), I see:

 SELECT n.name AS payee, rr.id, rr.report_id, rr.scn, rr.their_balance, rr.our_balance, rr.errorcode, rr."user", rr.clear_time, rr.insert_time, rr.trans_type, rr.post_date, rr.ledger_id, rr.voucher_id, rr.overlook, rr.cleared
   FROM cr_report_line rr

rr.voucher_id gives an error.  Looking in sql/Pg-database.sql, this field is not there.

The 1.3 branch is okay.
Is voucher_id something that is simply missing from trunk, or is it
going away in trunk, or...?

My impression is that all activity is happening on the 1.3 branch, as I
now see postgresql 9.1 code there too.

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