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Re: 1.3 bin/am.pl , sub update , what is it supposed to do?

Via account__save_tax in Account.sql record can be update or inserted?
But how would we get rid of a record?

Best Wishes,

2011/11/30 Chris Travers <..hidden..>:
> On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 2:12 AM, herman vierendeels
> <..hidden..> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Can anyone figure out what subroutine  update  in  bin/am.pl is meant to do?
>> This subroutine is triggered by button update in form generated from
>> template  UI/am-taxes.html.
>> After clicking the button different times, depending on the initial
>> number of tax-accounts displayed,
>> you get a form where each initial line is followed by an empty line.
>> When clicking Save button, one gets:
>> ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "tax_pkey"
>> DETAIL: Key (chart_id, validto)=(53, infinity) already exists.
>> CONTEXT: SQL statement "INSERT INTO tax(chart_id, validto, rate,
>> taxnumber, pass, taxmodule_id)
>> VALUES (in_chart_id, in_validto, in_rate, in_taxnumber, in_pass,
>> in_taxmodule_id)"
>> PL/pgSQL function "account__save_tax" line 14 at SQL statement
>> So, after the actual commit-freeze is lifted, i would disable that
>> button, so that ons does not get frustrated by these errors.
> Please don't disable the button.  This is necessary to allow tax rates
> to be expired.
> A better approach might be to change "save" to ignore lines where the
> rate is not entered at all.  Note 0 is still a valid rate as it
> indicates that the tax no longer applies.
> Or handle the error better.
> Longer explanation:
> Tax rates sometimes change.  So we allow tax rates to expire, and
> after that new tax rates occur.  Update allows us to add new data
> entry lines. The problem occurs when we don't expire the previous
> lines first.  However this workflow itself is flawed because you
> likely only want to change one tax rate, not all tax rates.
> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
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