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Closing undefined subroutine bug "works for me"

Hi all;

I am closing bug
for now as "works for me."  I have been unable to reproduce.  If
anyone has steps to reproduce, please either re-open the bug and add
details or reply to this email.

I am sending this because the original submitter was not on the bug
report and so I don't know if this will otherwise get there since it
was created from a report on IRC.  The text of the bug report was:

<freelock> Just hit "Undefined subroutine &main:: called at bin/oe.pl
line 1058."
<freelock> referer: https://mydomain/ledger/customer.pl
<freelock> ehu/ metatrontech: that's trying to create a Sales Order
from a customer page --
initially it loads the sales order page with the customer, get that
error logged when trying to add a part/line item
<freelock> svn #4038

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers