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Re: Web Services API: URL naming proposal

On 21. nov. 2011 06:33, John Locke wrote:
> In many ways, the web application front end is a model for other
> applications that might call the web service -- ideally everything in
> the web application should be reflected in the web service.
Yes, yes,  :-))

> Well, server-to-server is certainly the first step. And easiest to adapt
> to just about any interface we develop. But today we're doing most web
> services for iOS or Android apps. Think about the POS or an inventory
> module being available as an app for an Android phone.

SMB ERP as platform ....

> The recent thread by a Google engineer praising Amazon for making
> everything an API applies here. If you haven't read it:
> https://plus.google.com/112678702228711889851/posts/eVeouesvaVX

Accessibility | Platform | Service(s) | Dogfood rule | Security

"I assume they're not, given that Apps Script only works in Spreadsheet right now, and it doesn't even have keyboard shortcuts as part of its API."

"A platform needs a killer app"

Sundar Raghavan: "the odds of being successful is far greater with a platformy approach than a product approach."