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Web Services API: URL naming proposal

Hi all,

Before going into detail how to interact with resources, I think we
need to come up with a resource (URL) naming scheme which works for
our application. There may be some things to consider, so, I thought
I'd put out a proposal for review. From there, we could go into the
more technical details of the actual interaction.

We agreed to start with the functionality which has been rewritten
since our SQL Ledger fork, known as 'new code'. One of the notable
areas this has happened to is the way customers, vendors and employees
are now recorded. I'll direct my proposal there first.

Before going into the details of the customer/vendor store, there are
a few general subjects to address:

1. The base address mentioned by John was something like
'http://myledger.com/ledgersmb/store/'. However, if we assume that the
login address of the 'http://myledger.com/ledgersmb/login.pl', there
may be an issue with the '/store/' part. Can we support that on all
servers, or does that not matter? Do we allow '/store.pl/' or any
other URL? ie. do we not consider that part of the API, other than
that it is a prefix?

2. Since companies are separate databases, where do we put the name of
the company in the URL? <prefix>/store.pl/<company>/<etc...>?

Are there other items to consider before we go to specify the web
service behaviour of our natural/legal entity storage paradigm?