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/setup.pl - erorr in httpd error log - ID: 3440417

From the case:

Status: Closed
Resolution: Wont Fix

Sender: einhverfr
The error occurs as a part of the routines for detecting database versions.Because this is a rare task and this enables better debugging, I would be in favor of fixing it as a low priority issue when a replacement is agreed upon.


Thanks for an explanation of the error.

But, could we do this a little better ?
(I hope am not the first new user that read logs, and post error's)

I suggest that before the "routines for detecting database versions" start we put out a log line with a general info about the errors that follows.

When the "routines for detecting database versions" ends - we send out a new log line that informs about the end of the test.

I suggest:
Resolution: Wont Fix change to
Resolution: Postponed