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Re: Web Services API: URL naming proposal

A good name for the param(response_content_type ?) to indicate to the
service what type of output we are expecting


2011/11/13 Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..>:
> Hi all,
> Before going into detail how to interact with resources, I think we
> need to come up with a resource (URL) naming scheme which works for
> our application. There may be some things to consider, so, I thought
> I'd put out a proposal for review. From there, we could go into the
> more technical details of the actual interaction.
> We agreed to start with the functionality which has been rewritten
> since our SQL Ledger fork, known as 'new code'. One of the notable
> areas this has happened to is the way customers, vendors and employees
> are now recorded. I'll direct my proposal there first.
> Before going into the details of the customer/vendor store, there are
> a few general subjects to address:
> 1. The base address mentioned by John was something like
> 'http://myledger.com/ledgersmb/store/'. However, if we assume that the
> login address of the 'http://myledger.com/ledgersmb/login.pl', there
> may be an issue with the '/store/' part. Can we support that on all
> servers, or does that not matter? Do we allow '/store.pl/' or any
> other URL? ie. do we not consider that part of the API, other than
> that it is a prefix?
> 2. Since companies are separate databases, where do we put the name of
> the company in the URL? <prefix>/store.pl/<company>/<etc...>?
> Are there other items to consider before we go to specify the web
> service behaviour of our natural/legal entity storage paradigm?
> Bye,
> Erik.
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