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Re: Code for populating database

2011/11/11 Philippe Clérié <..hidden..>:
> I'm sure someone has faced the problem of loading a brand new installation
> with existing data. Is there some sample code somewhere which shows how it's
> done? Particularly customer/AR data...
> The code in doc/samples seems to be a bit old and I'm not sure how relevant
> it is now.

The customer section is a bit old but the ar/acc_trans/invoice
structure hasn't changed much.

However, if you could give me a little more info as to what exactly
you are talking about that would be helpful.  Is this an ongoing
import need?  A one-time migration thing?  Something else?  If nothing
else I can point you to relevant tables and stored procedures in the
db docs.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers