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ledger-smb 1.3 UI utf-8 multi-byte characters e.g. french accented characters as éçà etc

I would like to share my experience concerning the display of
multi-byte utf-8 characters.

I was trying to adapt  UI/login.html to my needs with french accented
But 3 multi-bytes (e.g. éèà) where displalyed as 6 individual characters .

the bottom-line is that html-files , like UI/login.html e.g. ,
containing multi-byte utf-8 characters , should be written to disk
a "byte order mark"   BOM at the start of Unicode files.

reason: subroutine  _decode_unicode  in package Template::Provider
checks for this !!!

Maybe a notice concerning  "byte order mark" could be dropped in ./doc/faq.html
under item
<p><li><h4>UTF-8 character encoding</h4>
Check also that html-files ,containing  multi-byte utf-8 characters,
are written to disk with appropriate "byte order mark" or BOM.

With vim, you can do this by:
set bomb