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Re: RC2 and perl modules

On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 08:54:44AM -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
> > The problem I had was when I had installed RC2 on a stock
> > Centos 6 installation (which has perl 5.10.1) it did not have
> > Time::HiRes originally installed, so the module had to be added later
> > via yum. Erik's point is that the module is listed as a core module at
> > http://perldoc.perl.org/index-modules-T.html which is true, but the way
> > RHEL/CentOS is packaged, not all of the core modules are installed with
> > the base perl package.
> Ouch.  Is this specific to RHEL/CentOS/SL 6?  Was it the case with 5 as well?

It seems to be specific to version 6. In v5 the main perl rpm includes
Time::HiRes and this is also true in (at least some versions of) Fedora.

> The only issue here (and why I backed Erik's initial decision on this)
> was that we don't necessarily want to flood the requirements list with
> a set of dependencies which are packaged with core Perl.  If Red Hat
> is doing something crazy with packaging Perl, this is a problem for
> Red Hat users, not for all users.  Consequently it makes more sense to
> put in a note saying "If you are running x, perl doesn't come with y
> so you have to install it separately" rather than just saying "you
> need y."

That's a good point and I think a sensible way of presenting it to the

> I'm also in process of reviewing whether this might be a stale
> dependency.  I will let you know.

Well, that would be ideal as then the whole issue disappears. :-)

FWIW, the only thing it seems to be used for in LedgerSMB/Auth/DB.pm is
in session_create () where gettimeofday () is used to generate a
pseudorandom transaction ID from the microseconds field. I could find no
reference to it in any other file either.


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