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Progress towards 1.3.0 RC1

Hi all;

I wanted to keep you informed of the progress made as well as
decisions which are being made to keep the timeline reasonable.  I
expect to get another snapshot out tomorrow.

First, the documentation of new code is almost complete.  I expect to
finish that today.  The documentation may not be perfect at this
point, but it is a step forward and it will mean that all the new code
will be reviewed and pruned as needed before we get into the RC phase.

Secondly file attachments are about 60% complete.  There are a couple
of spots that still need to be complete, and it isn't clear what we
have to do to support this on Windows yet.  My guess is we will have
to package up the various free desktop file type files and have them
installed somewhere that.

Third:  Migration and installation scripts and workflows are well
understood but code is not implemented yet.

Finally on the ability to load COA files after the installation is
complete, I think we should push this into an add-on.  It isn't a huge
amount of work, but I'd rather keep focused on the things that need to
be done minimally for RC1 rather than add additional features at this
point.  The db upgrade and setup utilities will provide all the main
functionality for this in a modularized form anyway so it's really
just a matter of exposing this to the user interface somehow.  I'd
rather see more discussion and do it right than just get something out
the door.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers