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1.2.21 Template variable handling Problem

Can anyone duplicate this?

I created an invoice, and applied partial payment to it before posting, and printed to PDF before posting.
I assume it happens in other circumstances, but that is how I noticed it.

The following code in an invoice template, is only printing the table headings; no actual information.

  \textbf{Payments} & & & \\
  \textbf{Date} & & \textbf{Source} & \textbf{Amount} \\
<?lsmb end paid_1 ?>
<?lsmb foreach payment ?>
  <?lsmb paymentdate ?> & <?lsmb paymentaccount ?> & <?lsmb paymentsource ?> & <?lsmb payment ?> \\
<?lsmb end payment ?>
<?lsmb if paid_1 ?>
<?lsmb end paid_1 ?>

Changing "paymentdate" to "datepaid" (as in the code used for receipts), has no effect

Note. In the above, the line of variables is all on a single line, whether or not this email breaks it. Interestingly, I accidentally broke the line of variables, so it looked like this, during one of my test attempts:

  <?lsmb paymentdate ?> & <?lsmb paymentaccount ?> & <?lsmb
paymentsource ?> & <?lsmb payment ?> \\

When that happened, I actually got the date, the account, and the amount of the partial payment. Where the source should have been, was a unicode <,and "?lsmb paymentsource ?", followed by a unicode representation of a