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Changes in template directory structure for 1.3

Hi all;

I have looked through and noticed that we have no maintained
translations for RTL langauges for which we also have templates.  For
now what I am doing is deleting all previously localized templates.
The new template structure is different enough that it isn't
necessarily required that we maintain this many different templates.

Over the next few days I expect to be auditing the demo templates we
provide and ensuring that the string translation functionality works
properly there.  Translators can then simply translate strings if the
template does not need adjusting, or can provide new templates that
can go in sub-directories of templates/demo.

If people want to review the old templates for reference purposes,
these have generally not been updated since 1.2 and are not expected
to work with 1.3.  The 1.2 tarball contains all of these.

On the whole I think this reduces the overhead for translation
considerably over the long run.  Any feedback, however, is

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers