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Deployment independent coding

On IRC, mst noted that we're using "very 1998 style" code and
deployment-dependent style code, suggesting all 'new style' code
should probably be written against PSGI

Reading that document, I concluded we can't support that standard as
little as we can support mod_perl at the moment: there's no way for a
web app to indicate the script is to be run exactly once. And - with
the built-in assumption of being a cgi script running only once - we
can't support the multi-run paradigm for at least one other release
(ie. we won't solve it in 1.3 yet).

So, my conclusion is that neither mod_perl nor PSGI or FastCGI are
options as of yet.

Thought I'd share that with you all. I'd like it to change though:
we'll definitely need to have a look at which global values are being
declared in order to eliminate them, if they're not truely global --
in the sense that machine configurations such as paths may not really
be problematic.