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Re: DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: column "customer_id" does not exist

Donna Robinson wrote:

LedgerSMB version 1.2.5

Known problem. It is fixed in 1.2.6, ask Chris Travers for an updated file.

Clicking on any of the foll (+) results in an error message:

  + Add Transaction
  + Creditor Invoice
    + Transactions
    + Outstanding

Error message has the form:
DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: column "customer_id" does not exist

SELECT ct.name AS vendor, ct.curr AS currency, ct.id AS vendor_id,
current_date + ct.terms AS duedate, ct.notes, ct.curr AS currency
FROM vendor ct
WHERE ct.id = (select customer_id from ap where 1 = 1 AND vendor_id IS NOT NULL order by id DESC limit 1)
ERROR: column "customer_id" does not exist

Output from postgres:
ef-2005-6=> \d ap
                                Table "public.ap"
    Column     |         Type          |                Modifiers
id | integer | not null default nextval('id'::regclass)
 invnumber     | text                  |
 transdate     | date                  | default ('now'::text)::date
 vendor_id     | integer               |
 taxincluded   | boolean               | default false
 amount        | numeric               |
 netamount     | numeric               |
 paid          | numeric               |
 datepaid      | date                  |
 duedate       | date                  |
 invoice       | boolean               | default false
 ordnumber     | text                  |
 curr          | character(3)          |
 notes         | text                  |
 employee_id   | integer               |
 till          | character varying(20) |
 quonumber     | text                  |
 intnotes      | text                  |
 department_id | integer               | default 0
 shipvia       | text                  |
 language_code | character varying(6)  |
 ponumber      | text                  |
 shippingpoint | text                  |
 terms         | smallint              | default 0
    "ap_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id)
    "ap_employee_id_key" btree (employee_id)
    "ap_id_key" btree (id)
    "ap_invnumber_key" btree (invnumber)
    "ap_ordnumber_key" btree (ordnumber)
    "ap_quonumber_key" btree (quonumber)
    "ap_transdate_key" btree (transdate)
    "ap_vendor_id_key" btree (vendor_id)
    ap_id_track_i AS
    ON INSERT TO ap DO  INSERT INTO transactions (id, table_name)
  VALUES (new.id, 'ap'::text)
    ap_id_track_u AS
    ON UPDATE TO ap DO  UPDATE transactions SET id = new.id
  WHERE transactions.id = old.id
check_department AFTER INSERT OR UPDATE ON ap FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE check_department() del_department AFTER DELETE ON ap FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE del_department() del_exchangerate BEFORE DELETE ON ap FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE del_exchangerate() del_recurring AFTER DELETE ON ap FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE del_recurring()

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