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Re: For those interested in the CRM/Entity management

That seems to be going in the right direction. It would be nice to
have comments on the columns, but the usage of most can be guessed by
good naming.

Two questions:
1. Column "entity_class  (not null)" in TABLE "entity": is it
something like "current_default/primary_class", whatever that might

2. The term and term fragment "class" (assuming it means "our way of
classifying the entities") might be better understood using the term
and term fragment "role". Term fragments class/group/type are all
shallow terms in entity/logical modelling. What we want to know is WHY
we are classifying/grouping/typifying an entity. The reason for making
the classification/grouping/typification is usually the best term to
use. In this case we are classifying based on the role the entity has.
Therefore "role" is a better choice than "class" in this model. Before
you go further I would rename "class" to "role" everywhere that it
occurs in this physical model.

Later you might also classify entities in another way, eg based on
whether they are current or not, alive or dead perhaps.

(Rules for classification can be implicit in events/transactions that
change the state of an entity(in logical modelling) from oe state to
another, and be explicitly or redundantly recorded in both the logical
and physical models as classifications.)

On 5/30/07, Joshua D. Drake <..hidden..> wrote:
Here is the current model:


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