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Re: Where we are going with 1.3

Chris Travers wrote:
Hi all;

I thought it might be a good time to update everyone with the progress
in svn /trunk, which will eventually be released 1.3.  There are a lot
of exciting developments already in the codebase and no doubt many
more will be added before feature freeze.


This is some cool and exciting stuff! I look forward to contributing in some way, either as a tester or submitting code that's within my capabilities to create.

Also there are a few areas I wanted to get some addtional feedback on:

1)  There is some debate (so far, over IRC) over whether to move
templates into the database,
  a)  makes for easier security because we can have full ACL-based support

A couple of pros to add here:

1) backup.  Backup your database back up your templates.
2) ability to use RESTful or other such interfaces to create your own means of editing templates. This enables developers to create simplified interfaces that allow their customers to edit/create templates as needed. 3) portability. Want to move from one host to another, dump your db and import on new host. No need to worry about moving template files. 4) one less resource on the file system where less technically savvy folks installing Ledger will need to know how to set file permissions.

  a)  makes it harder to edit using a basic text editor.

I'm not sure this is a con. With all the interface changes you're making to take advantage of more modern tech, perhaps consider including one of the browser based WYSIWYG editors for this? I'm betting that most users will only need to change basic stuff to meet their individual needs so the need to use a basic text editor outside of a web browser may not be all that important, depending on the target market. Just a thought. For the more advanced users, it shouldn't be too hard to copy over to an open window and copy back. No matter what you do, there's going to be some copying involved if there's a remote server involved.

  b)  adds one more area to the code that will require more extensive testing

If storing the templates in the db is the best thing to do, then this doesn't matter, excepting that it requires investing more time. If the goal is a better product, not how quickly you can turn around product, more time spent testing is time well invested.

Thanks to the core team for all of your hard work and leadership! It's becoming quite exciting around here!