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Opening discussion on user interface guidelines

Hi all;

As an adjunct to Josh's post on workflow, I would like to propose the
beginnings of a user interface guideline discussion (which can be
hopefully eventually formalized in a document).  This would affect all
new code.

1)  All data entry screens should be keyboard navigable.  All buttons
should have accesskeys, and after updating screens, the cursor should
focus at the next point of work.  Common work points of entry ought to
also have access keys associated with them.  These should be
documented at the time of design.

2)  Menu organization should be in order from most used to least used,
with ties being sorted in alphabetical order.  Menus should have
access keys if possible, and these would be set aside and reserved
(i.e. not available for

3) Avoid tabindex.  With the eventual componentization of the
application, this is likely to cause more problems than it solves.

Any further ideas, feedback, thoughts?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers