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Re: Plan for refactoring user information

On Tue, 6 Mar 2007, Chris Travers wrote:
> Hi all;
> I am looking at reactoring user information in 1.3.  Here is my basic
> proposal:
> 1)  Users are connected to three other tables:  employee (for HR
> information), preferences (for their own preferences), and locations
> (for business location).

Is there any benefit to (loosely) integrating users and clients/contacts? I am 
thinking of cases where one might want to allow a client limited access to 
the system so that they can view their account data, check their order status 
and query inventory. I seem to remember another project using a similar setup 
for selling manuals. ;-)

I think I recall some discussion on working on CRM-type functionality, perhaps 
expanding the "people" and "companies" concept a bit further so that users 
are people too might be worth considering.

Then again, doing so might complicate things to the point where nothing will 
ever get done, or we end up with something so "great" that no human could 
possibly ever deploy it (compiere, anyone?) so feel free to point out why it 
would be a bad idea.

	Ashley J Gittins
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