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Re: Rehash: LedgerSMB Wiki

We talked about that.  While we are interested in Trak, we have other
priorities that are in the works that are higher on the list.  I would
not expect it in the near future but perhaps sometime down the road.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 1/6/07, Jeff Kowalczyk <..hidden..> wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> We of course appreciate the offer but we decided on the direction we are
> taking because we want an all in one solution that we don't have to
> worry about.
> The CMS gives us many things beyond the "wiki" idea.

Separate from the end-user documentation efforts, may I ask if with the new
hosting resources, source code development can use Trac in the near future?

Trac is certainly not competitive as a Wiki for major end-user documentation
projects. But for developers, as discussed here previously, (IMO) Trac would be
a huge boost to creating an active LedgerSMB developer-tester community.
Sourceforge's issue tracker is almost a disincentive to closely evaluate the
status of LedgerSMB.

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