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Re: Added item to the FAQ

On Sun, 2006-09-10 at 16:55 -0400, ..hidden.. wrote:
> Hi all;
> I have added a section to the FAQ about the NULL values in chart_id error
> on upgrade:

That reminds me though: that's the third type of doc I think should be
dumped: (wikis, howtos) and FAQs. They, like howtos, as documents are
another great place to throw anything and everything without considering
how anyone will actually find the info later. At least wikis have the
potential to be (re)organised relatively easily. FAQ's though usually
have no order to them, so unless people make a point of reading right
through them 'just in case there's something worthwhile there', then the
info in them is never found. Plus they usually have no organisation to
them, so to find out about something, I need to read the entire FAQ from
front to back. I find that indexing them helps only a little.

The info you have written would be better placed in a section 'Migration
from SL', within a 'Software Installation' (section of a) document.
That's where I would expect to find that sort of info, and conversely if
reading through 'Software Installation', that's where I wold hope all
that info would appear. In other words, if I am installing LedgerSMB, I
want to find the doco on Installation, and not have to think 'Um, good
I've read that, and latest Release Notes. Now I better go hunting for
any wiki, howto, faq, README, um what else, and read all of them too,
just in case I missed something important about installing this stuff.'
And yet that is what a lot of open source projects expect me to do. That
might be OK for people who have all day to muck around with computers,
but to me and the great unwashed herd out there it sucks.