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Some initial schema thoughts


This just covers some general notes about what I see wrong with the schema. My suggestion only cover nominal changes that in theory would not effect code:

Ledger-SMB notes:

* All sequences should be moved to proper serial psuedo types when associated with a single column * Floats for money values should be numeric(10,2) or possibly (15,2) but that it getting a bit excessive * Date fields should always be NOT NULL. Especially date fields like acc_trans.transdate
* Why is qty in invoice float4? Shouldn't this be numeric?
* customers.curr is set to char... chars uhmmm, are not good :) lets use varchar(3) * customers.startdate is this the date the customer started with us? Should this default to creation date?
* oe.curr is also char(3)... why?
* orderitems is using OIDs, good god why?

I will review further for normalization issues of which there are a ton.

Joshua D. Drake

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