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SF.net SVN: ledger-smb:[6879] trunk/bin/aa.pl

Revision: 6879
Author:   pongracz
Date:     2014-02-19 20:08:12 +0000 (Wed, 19 Feb 2014)
Log Message:
Fix for bug #1076 : We fill the empty crdate field with transdate on post, silently, no error, no warning. We do the same as in missing duedate field. This only dangerious where invoice creation date exists and important to compare the issue date with transdate. They will need patch the code to use warning instead of silent date filling. Anyway, this also true for duedate.

Modified Paths:

Property Changed:

Modified: trunk/bin/aa.pl
--- trunk/bin/aa.pl	2014-02-19 20:01:20 UTC (rev 6878)
+++ trunk/bin/aa.pl	2014-02-19 20:08:12 UTC (rev 6879)
@@ -1382,6 +1382,11 @@
     $form->isblank( "transdate", $locale->text('Invoice Date missing!') );
     $form->isblank( "duedate",   $locale->text('Due Date missing!') );
     #$form->isblank( "crdate",    $locale->text('Invoice Created Date missing!') );
+    # pongraczi: we silently fill crdate with transdate if the user left empty to do not break existing workflow
+    if (!$form->{crdate}){
+          $form->{crdate} = $form->{transdate};
+    }
     $form->isblank( $form->{vc}, $label );
     $closedto  = $form->datetonum( \%myconfig, $form->{closedto} );

Property changes on: trunk/bin/aa.pl
Modified: svn:text-time
## -1 +1 ##
\ No newline at end of property
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